Baby Bear Knitted Toy

The beginnings of the Baby Bear knitted toy!

Pattern by Susan B. Anderson in her book, Itty Bitty Toys.

This will be my first (hopefully) completed knitted project. I have a couple of others on needles but living in Florida makes finishing a scarf not such a necessity! I’m thinking it may end up being a kindle cover. But I digress.

Baby Bear hasn’t been too difficult so far, other than the initial casting on for each piece along with the first couple of rows using dpns. As the project has progressed, I’ve been able to lessen the initial attempts from 10 to only a couple of trys without having to start over again.

He has a few holes because I didn’t quite understand the concept of M1 increase and the need to knit through the back loop (back to front) instead of as a regular knit (front to back) stitch. Fortunately, I realized what the problem was after knitting the first “holy” arm. I’m thinking I may try to find a band-aid pattern and just stitch it over the hole! Otherwise, he will just be referred to as His Holiness, Reverend Boo-boo Bear.

All that is left to complete His Holiness, is for me to knit his ears and then stitch him all together. Hopefully, I will have him completed by the end of this weekend!


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