Baby Bear Part 2 – Assembly

Baby Bear is not quite ready for prime time. Assembling the little bugger is definitely not my favorite part of this project. Part of what made knitting interesting to me, is the “math” / left brained aspect of the craft. There’s precise instructions to follow.  However, the where and how of whipstitching this bear together is a bit of a guessing game. I guess this is when that creative eye thing is suppose to kick in… any day now….

Baby Bear Knit Bear Assembling

Baby Bear (front) with attached leg, arms, and ears

Close-Up of Baby Bear (front)

Baby Bear (rear view)

Yes, there’s a familiar lean to His Holiness, Boo-Boo Bear. A kind of Forest Gump-esque stature.

I decided to postpone finishing the assembly of baby bear’s 2nd foot and leg until tomorrow. I could tell I was getting a bit sloppy and figured it would be better to continue with fresh eyes and maybe that creative one will show up as well. We can always hope!


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