The Knitting Chair

Because we live/travel fulltime in an rv, much of our knitting happens in unconventional places. Here’s a pic of my current locale along the inlet banks at Ft. Desoto county park in Tierre verde, Florida. The chair, which in fact is a rocking chair(!), was a “found object.” You can’t imagine all the stuff people leave behind at this campground! Outdoor knitting is really helpful for the hard to see or more complicated stitches, especially when starting knitting in the round, or whipstitching pieces together. Otherwise, I’m knitting inside,sitting on my bed.

My Knitting Chair and current knitting bag has been upgraded from a plastic Walmart bag to an Earthfare Cloth Grocery Bag...because that's how I roll..or rather rock!"

Anna normally knits inside in a rather comfortable chair in the living area or in bed late at night when she should be sleeping! For the past few weeks she has been half way across the country knitting and crocheting while helping out a charity auction at my niece’s school. She will be back in a couple of weeks and we can’t wait. We miss her terribly!


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